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RankFirst NameLast NameCatagoryPlateClassFinish TimeSponsors
1NicBeechanPro Men2A01:14:11.84Trek Test Team
2JulienBourdevairePro Men230A01:14:38.18Big Bear Valley Bikes
3MiguelValadez ortizPro Men944A01:14:53.31Detormination Racing/BajeMTB
4AlfredPachecoPro Men939A01:14:54.62Big Bear Valley Bkes
5BrianScarbroughPro Men902A01:15:22.33Stonehaus Trek
6TurnerConwayPro Men173A01:16:35.79Fullerton Bikes/Oakley/TroyLeeDesigns/Crankbrothers/TascoMtb/RockwellWatches
7Jean-louisBourdevairePro Men208A01:20:00.61Big Bear Valley Bikes
8BenjaminGoyettePro Men917A01:24:56.12Team Dream
9ZackVillarsPro Men920A01:24:56.42Chains Required
1ChristineEikmeierPro Women316B01:27:07.40DVO/Kenda Tire
2AlyssaEikmeierPro Women270B01:31:29.62Bear Valley Bikes
3NikkiPetersonPro Women2B01:32:12.21Team RideBiker/Twenty20
4AmandaFelderPro Women914B01:41:32.27Bear Valley Bikes
5MicahMasonPro Women910B01:41:58.00Squeaky Wheel
6MeadePlumPro Women891B01:46:10.22Areohead Cycling
1CesarMoraVet Pro926C01:20:08.83VCC/
2StuartGonzalezVet Pro4C01:21:44.40Bear Valley Bikes/Honey Stinger
3RomoloForcinoVet Pro858C01:22:47.96Chains Required
4DerekHermonVet Pro6C01:31:13.85Bear Valley Bikes/Evolution
1CadeCalonderExpert Men 18 & Under222D01:21:10.32
2BlakeWrayExpert Men 18 & Under11D01:21:33.25The Path/TLD/Kenda
3NathanHickeyExpert Men 18 & Under856D01:25:57.78Incycle
4NolanSheehyExpert Men 18 & Under912D01:26:52.45
5ColeFieneExpert Men 18 & Under157D01:30:46.78Intense Bike/Jax/Ryno Power/TascoMtb/100%
6DakotaGreerExpert Men 18 & Under933D01:35:34.22
7WesleySchaefferExpert Men 18 & Under911D01:38:16.69
1NickKneislyExpert Men 19-29854E01:22:18.71Troy Lee Designs
2AndrewUrsuaExpert Men 19-29905E01:32:27.16Squeaky Wheel
3BobbyMonsonExpert Men 19-29855E01:33:42.63
1JaredRiosExpert Men30-39875F01:25:33.43Purley Dental
2JeffWelchExpert Men30-39900F01:29:07.98Stonehaus/Trek
3RenoKarimianExpert Men30-39876F01:32:05.69Team MBS
4ScottPontzerExpert Men30-39906F01:34:53.64
5AdamPoytressExpert Men30-39915F01:37:59.22Stonehaus Trek
1EricBiermanExpert Men 40-49778G01:18:56.71Ninety-7
2RobMcgeeExpert Men 40-49377G01:22:38.19
3ChadJarrettExpert Men 40-49874G01:25:51.04Blackster Race Team
4ChrisLaytonExpert Men 40-49897G01:26:32.39Westlake Cyclery/Trek/MuscleMilk
5GarnetVerticanExpert Men 40-49931G01:27:20.71Monster Media/ODI
6BrynNozExpert Men 40-49921G01:28:55.99Stonehaus
7MichaelNegreteExpert Men 40-49889G01:35:24.49Impact Racing
1JeffJacobsonExpert Men 50-59896H01:28:16.87UC Cyclery/JW Floors
2MarkMilamExpert Men 50-59923H01:28:44.39Team Velocity
3DavidTurnerExpert Men 50-5914H01:29:01.72Turner Bikes
4ToddWestonExpert Men 50-59924H01:30:25.06
5DavidRosenExpert Men 50-59871H01:31:39.52
6MikeFreudeExpert Men 50-59416H01:36:29.06
7LarryPritchardExpert Men 50-595H01:36:30.59
8SteveHerreraExpert Men 50-592H01:57:02.64The Cyclery Bike Shop
9RickLaneExpert Men 50-59220H02:10:04.60The Cyclery Bike Shop
1JonMillerExpert Men 60+870I01:33:34.51Stone Haus Factory Trek
2JonathanLivesayExpert Men 60+3I01:43:52.04Montrose Bike Shop
1ChristinaTurnerOpen Women2K01:48:49.91Turner
1DavidRuvalcubu reyesSport Men 18 & Under927L00:56:05.95
2JustinHurdleSport Men 18 & Under863L00:57:03.20Stonehaus Trek Factory Racing
3SamChurchSport Men 18 & Under865L01:01:26.75
4LeviDounelSport Men 18 & Under916L01:05:41.93
5JeremyMudgettSport Men 18 & Under877L01:07:33.54
6JackGilliamSport Men 18 & Under862L01:07:33.81
7MichaelSmithSport Men 18 & Under909L01:08:03.17
8AlexGohrSport Men 18 & Under908L01:18:16.07
1EliasCasasolaSport Men 19-29210M01:13:49.43
1VictorQinedaSport Men 30-39860N01:02:18.53
2YoshioGarciaSport Men 30-39894N01:15:14.75Coates Cyclery
1ChadSmartSport Men 40-49873O01:04:41.79Baghouse/RockNRoad
2RafiZaitSport Men 40-49887O01:05:03.90Serious Cycling
3MichaelNascoSport Men 40-49890O01:07:04.00Redmonkey Sports
4MarkGilliamSport Men 40-49861O01:08:51.32
5FrankPleitezSport Men 40-49888O01:10:26.37
6MikeGillSport Men 40-49872O01:12:59.45
7PeterCasanoSport Men 40-49381O01:13:58.68
8ThomasSaemanSport Men 40-49853O01:24:01.45OC Armada
1ClintonCampbellSport Men 50-59852P01:01:47.63Don's Bicycles/RedZoneRacing
2CaryBrenSport Men 50-59901P01:03:38.26360Fly/BoostMobile
3ToddHunsakerSport Men 50-59919P01:04:57.68Empire Bikes
4TyroneLumleySport Men 50-59886P01:08:20.74Southridge USA
5AugustOngSport Men 50-59176P01:18:09.73The Cyclery Bike Shop
1RichFerschSport Men 60+7Q01:16:33.62La Habra Cyclery
2GaryScheidlerSport Men 60+2Q01:43:40.96The Cyclery
1GenevievePlumSport Wm 34 & Under892R01:12:13.72
2ShelbyKawellSport Wm 34 & Under505R01:20:49.73
1IsabelleThompsonSport Women 35+2S01:43:40.96Montrose Bike Shop
1GrantMitchellBeginner Men 11-126U00:31:33.53Squeaky Wheel Bike Shop
2ParkerGoulartBeginner Men 11-124U00:38:06.67Sierra Bicycle Werks
3GavinMelilloBeginner Men 11-12433U00:46:32.16
1CamDominguezBeginner Men 13-15455V00:33:35.28Dad & Mom
2LouisPoiriezBeginner Men 13-15548V00:33:51.09
3AugustWagnerBeginner Men 13-15904V00:36:25.15
4DaytonCalonderBeginner Men 13-15321V00:39:00.42
5CameronYoungBeginner Men 13-15899V00:39:59.71ODI
6ShepardGreerBeginner Men 13-15934V01:15:14.31The Cyclery Bike Shop
1TrentWilsonBeginner Men 30-39859Y00:32:07.47
2BrianFallonBeginner Men 30-39895Y00:39:10.62
3NickHernandezBeginner Men 30-39245Y00:46:52.62Wife
1WilliamGiddensBeginner Men 40-49154Z00:36:52.17Big Orange
1TobyHendersonBeginner Men50-59903ZA00:44:17.53
2PatrickOrescaninBeginner Men50-59938ZA00:47:09.99Monk
1BobbyBondurantBeginner Men60+269ZB01:03:40.53Trucker Co/ Big Bear Free Riders
1SkylarConwayBeginner Wm 18 & Under199ZC00:40:51.36
2LaurenLopezBeginner Wm 18 & Under857ZC00:45:41.87

We Race Rain or Shine !!! 

Tehachapi on site lodging information
The Lodge (Campwoodward)
Near by Hotel
Fairfield Inn, (661) 822-4800, 422 W Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi CA 93561 (15 Miles from Woodward)
Holiday Inn, (661) 822-9837, 901 Capital Hills Parkway, Tehachapi CA 93561 (15 Miles from Woodward)
Best Western, (661) 822-1800, 420 W Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi CA 93561 (15 Miles from Woodward)
Camping Sties
Mountain Valley RV Park, (661) 822-1213, 16334 Harris Rd, Tehachapi CA 93561
Indian Hill Ranch RV Park, (661) 822-6613, 18061 Arosa Rd, Tehachapi CA 93561 (11 Miles from Woodward)
Brite Lake RV Camping, (661) 822-3228, 22902 Banducci Rd, Tehachapi CA 93561 (11 Miles from camp)
Southridge USA Family
newsletter-top.gif Newsletter
    Due to Unfortunate things with the NEW PROPERTY OWNERS at Southridge Race Venue we will NOT be hosting CROSS COUNTRY the rest of THIS season.
We will still recognize your group at the SRC Ceremony in December.
We are hoping that the new property owners will allow us to start Cross Country back up during the Winter Series, please stay tuned for more information.
We are truly sorry for the inconvenience XC Riders. Please be patient with us as we are trying to work with the new owners.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 951-361-0149 or via email at
Schedule will be posted soon with the time of the events.