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SD Results 10-20-18

RankFirst NameLast NamePlateClassRun Time 1Run Time 2Combined Total TimeSponsors
1CodyMasson387ZKPro Men00:02:18.7700:02:50.1700:08:23.11Incycle/Giant Bicycles
2CollinsTimmermans760ZKPro Men00:02:22.8400:02:55.7400:08:43.89The Path Bike Shop
3JacobFisher764ZKPro Men00:02:35.1700:03:15.0700:09:46.63Cat Racing
1EmittHansen754ZMExpert Men 18 & Under00:02:29.0500:03:08.7200:09:06.88
2LandonSchmidt195ZMExpert Men 18 & Under00:02:51.9000:03:22.7200:09:53.43
3LukeLoomis275ZMExpert Men 18 & Under00:02:47.6800:03:15.1100:10:02.12
1TevinCampbell752ZNExpert Men 34 & Under00:02:25.5400:02:55.3600:08:43.76
2BrianBender773ZNExpert Men 34 & Under00:02:45.2200:03:23.1200:09:54.96
1DannyPettingill224ZOExpert Men 35+00:02:28.4400:02:58.2900:08:53.06SouthridgeUSA/Leatt/RynoPower/Spy/RenditionTatia
2KrisBowers757ZOExpert Men 35+00:02:29.4400:03:09.9000:09:20.00
3DavidAndreiko761ZOExpert Men 35+00:02:27.6800:03:18.3100:09:34.75
4RickOrona751ZOExpert Men 35+00:02:52.6700:03:45.0600:11:14.82
1MikeMonroe775ZPSport Men 34 & Under00:02:34.8900:03:37.2700:09:59.28
2GarretSheld772ZPSport Men 34 & Under00:02:51.9600:03:36.8600:10:13.95O'Neal Racing
3MattGatter768ZPSport Men 34 & Under00:02:49.8900:03:26.4800:10:14.01Pedal Barn Bikes
4ZachWalker759ZPSport Men 34 & Under00:02:48.8800:03:35.5200:10:32.74
5MarcDvron753ZPSport Men 34 & Under00:03:03.6100:03:45.2800:11:15.17
6AndrewNygaard766ZPSport Men 34 & Under00:02:55.8200:03:53.9800:12:18.11
1ArthurNemirosky780ZRSport Men 35+00:02:46.1600:03:31.4800:10:04.93
2MatthewPortillo769ZRSport Men 35+00:02:43.6500:03:36.7800:10:16.07Bike Fettish
3ScottBurke750ZRSport Men 35+00:03:15.6500:04:05.9400:12:15.13
1JonWood781ZUBeg Men00:03:04.5800:04:01.8200:11:32.23
2MichaelBurt774ZUBeg Men00:03:30.9500:04:15.3200:12:36.33
3OmarSanchez778ZUBeg Men00:03:52.1900:04:47.7600:13:53.33
4CooperSepuleda755ZUBeg Men00:03:53.4800:05:08.4600:14:08.07
5BenjaminArellano782ZUBeg Men00:04:01.0200:05:03.3800:14:21.84
1CadenGray767ZXBeg Men 14 & Under00:02:36.2000:03:29.3000:10:05.06
2NickGerard762ZXBeg Men 14 & Under00:03:05.8500:03:58.9900:11:16.19
3BoydWatson770ZXBeg Men 14 & Under00:04:36.2700:06:18.5800:16:12.74

We Race Rain or Shine !!! 

Tehachapi on site lodging information
The Lodge (Campwoodward)
Near by Hotel
Fairfield Inn, (661) 822-4800, 422 W Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi CA 93561 (15 Miles from Woodward)
Holiday Inn, (661) 822-9837, 901 Capital Hills Parkway, Tehachapi CA 93561 (15 Miles from Woodward)
Best Western, (661) 822-1800, 420 W Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi CA 93561 (15 Miles from Woodward)
Camping Sties
Mountain Valley RV Park, (661) 822-1213, 16334 Harris Rd, Tehachapi CA 93561
Indian Hill Ranch RV Park, (661) 822-6613, 18061 Arosa Rd, Tehachapi CA 93561 (11 Miles from Woodward)
Brite Lake RV Camping, (661) 822-3228, 22902 Banducci Rd, Tehachapi CA 93561 (11 Miles from camp)
Southridge USA Family
newsletter-top.gif Newsletter
    Due to Unfortunate things with the NEW PROPERTY OWNERS at Southridge Race Venue we will NOT be hosting CROSS COUNTRY the rest of THIS season.
We will still recognize your group at the SRC Ceremony in December.
We are hoping that the new property owners will allow us to start Cross Country back up during the Winter Series, please stay tuned for more information.
We are truly sorry for the inconvenience XC Riders. Please be patient with us as we are trying to work with the new owners.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 951-361-0149 or via email at
Schedule will be posted soon with the time of the events.