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1ColePicchiottinoPro Men17A00:02:03.06Trek
2DenisSharovPro Men942A00:02:15.20
3AngeloLoskotaPro Men757A00:02:16.45Team Block
4CodyMassonPro Men982A00:02:16.52Empire Bikes
1JoePicchiottinoVet Pro3C00:02:05.92SouthridgeUSA
2EricCarterVet Pro25C00:02:10.21Hyper
1JettAielloExpert Men 18 & Under983D00:02:17.78
2ColeColitaExpert Men 18 & Under35D00:02:19.95
3ZaneFletcherExpert Men 18 & Under978D00:02:20.12
4MyrieMetzgerExpert Men 18 & Under970D00:02:20.64
5OskarAdamsonExpert Men 18 & Under192D00:02:22.08
6AdamDurbinExpert Men 18 & Under435D00:02:25.67Ellsworth/KMC/Maxxis/HT
7ChrisMooreExpert Men 18 & Under759D00:02:25.72
8GarrettKlasnaExpert Men 18 & Under760D00:02:26.49
9JacksonCowartExpert Men 18 & Under981D00:02:27.99
1SethDatinExpert Men 19-29303E00:02:21.10
2AlanLemaExpert Men 19-29953E00:02:26.91
3KyleDavisExpert Men 19-29966E00:02:35.07
4DavidCorderuExpert Men 19-29980E00:08:00.89
1WesPeeblesExpert Men 30-39984F00:02:14.94
2DiegoEspinozaExpert Men 30-39975F00:02:17.25
3PaulPankowExpert Men 30-3911F00:02:22.23Chainline Bikes
4JasonFarnsworthExpert Men 30-39191F00:02:26.21
1BrianParkerExpert Men 40-499G00:02:27.92Knolly Bikes
2JoshTrevithickExpert Men 40-49940G00:02:35.88
1RyanPinkertonOpen Jr. Men 14 & Under395J00:02:25.62Rock n Road Cyling
2CalebHollandOpen Jr. Men 14 & Under14J00:02:26.42DAD
3KadenPankowOpen Jr. Men 14 & Under16J00:02:26.94ChainlineBikes/IntenseCycles/100Percent/DVO/RaceFace/WD40Bikes/FiveTen/OnzaTires/OneIndustries
4MaisonDuncanOpen Jr. Men 14 & Under152J00:02:30.29CC Cycles/DVO/100%/Answer/TruckerCo/ODI/WD40
5OwenDavisOpen Jr. Men 14 & Under249J00:02:31.80
6GavinNogosekOpen Jr. Men 14 & Under172J00:02:32.80O'Neal USA
1McKennaMertenOpen Women292K00:02:46.92Cissters Racing
2DixieOwensOpen Women8K00:02:53.13Commencial USA/ODI/Deity
1Jacob PaulGomezSport Men 18 & Under301L00:02:34.43ODI/RYNO/LEATT
2ConnorSolisSport Men 18 & Under990L00:02:44.20
3LeviDuffySport Men 18 & Under420L00:02:49.28Menifee Bicycles
4DerinYavasSport Men 18 & Under973L00:02:51.65Cyclogical
5GavinVoglSport Men 18 & Under972L00:02:53.41Cycleogical
6LucasAultSport Men 18 & Under248L00:02:54.40Incycle
1TylerLangSport Men 19-29976M00:02:47.28
2SimonOrnySport Men 19-29998M00:02:59.96
1DannyPettingillSport Men 30-39954N00:02:36.64
2NickDuffySport Men 30-3936N00:02:44.37Menifee Bicycles
3FranciscoValleSport Men 30-39992N00:02:56.33
4JohnOloughlinSport Men 30-39456N00:03:05.00The Gravity Cartel
5JulianGomezSport Men 30-39934N00:14:43.76tcmtb racing
1DonaldUptonSport Men 40-4915O00:02:36.32MenifeeBikes
2BarryHirstSport Men 40-49320O00:02:48.47Cycleworld/Kali
3IsaacGonzalezSport Men 40-49991O00:02:48.77
4JeremyAultSport Men 40-49247O00:03:00.87Incycle
1RobertKuhnSport Men 50-5948P00:03:05.52
2BertHuertaSport Men 50-59310P00:03:08.793ten racing
1TeaganHeapSport Women 34 & Under508R00:03:14.17
2MarandaMaliskaSport Women 34 & Under943R00:03:15.60
3SamanthaPorrasSport Women 34 & Under969R00:05:15.19
1MasonSalazarBeginner Men 9-10467T00:02:51.96
2MasonKroepelBeginner Men 9-1027T00:03:09.57Commencal
3AaronVargasBeginner Men 9-10931T00:03:21.87
4JustinDuncanBeginner Men 9-10150T00:03:25.72CC Cycles/DVO/100%/Answer/ODI/WD40/TruckerCo
5TravisMaliskaBeginner Men 9-10544T00:03:51.53
6ConnorCalnanBeginner Men 9-10988T00:03:56.58
7DiegoMunizBeginner Men 9-10309T00:03:58.39
8DylanHydeBeginner Men 9-10998T00:04:10.16
9JoshuaCareyBeginner Men 9-10963T00:06:20.36
1HunterKroepelBeginner Men 11-1236U00:02:52.85Commencal
2EddieReynoldsBeginner Men 11-12424U00:02:57.40
3KabynScottBeginner Men 11-12227U00:03:10.58
4JeffreyRossBeginner Men 11-12345U00:03:13.71Bike Alley
5SlateClarkBeginner Men 11-12174U00:03:31.32
6TannerJackson-HernandezBeginner Men 11-12153U00:03:32.22Southridge USA
1LoganHeeschBeginner Men13-15977V00:02:46.35Alpine Ride Shop
2JustinMaliskaBeginner Men13-15171V00:02:51.28
3JacksonWootonBeginner Men13-15987V00:03:06.55
4NoahDavisBeginner Men13-15965V00:03:10.73
5BenKrokoBeginner Men13-15964V00:03:13.09
6MatthewBeasleyBeginner Men13-15997V00:03:40.25
7EthanCarterBeginner Men13-15274V00:04:15.61
1AllynHawthorneBeginner Men 16-18979W00:02:57.71
1CarlosVillagoanaBeginner Men 19-29994X00:02:54.19
2ChristopherJohnsonBeginner Men 19-29985X00:02:55.92
3SalLimonBeginner Men 19-29761X00:03:21.34
1NickHernandezBeginner Men 30-39245Y00:02:42.44Wife
2JuanOrdoneBeginner Men 30-39995Y00:02:55.76
3SalvadorLepeBeginner Men 30-39993Y00:02:56.29
4HenryPleitezBeginner Men 30-39996Y00:03:10.49
1RitoSanchezBeginner Men 40-49427Z00:03:10.77
2ChristopherNellasBeginner Men 40-49758Z00:08:56.48
1KaileighScottBeginner Women 18 & Under959ZC00:03:21.91
2ManningMertenBeginner Women 18 & Under2ZC00:04:17.16Cissters Racing
1LoreidaPorrasBeginner Women 34& Under971ZD00:03:43.55

We Race Rain or Shine !!! 

Tehachapi on site lodging information
The Lodge (Campwoodward)
Near by Hotel
Fairfield Inn, (661) 822-4800, 422 W Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi CA 93561 (15 Miles from Woodward)
Holiday Inn, (661) 822-9837, 901 Capital Hills Parkway, Tehachapi CA 93561 (15 Miles from Woodward)
Best Western, (661) 822-1800, 420 W Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi CA 93561 (15 Miles from Woodward)
Camping Sties
Mountain Valley RV Park, (661) 822-1213, 16334 Harris Rd, Tehachapi CA 93561
Indian Hill Ranch RV Park, (661) 822-6613, 18061 Arosa Rd, Tehachapi CA 93561 (11 Miles from Woodward)
Brite Lake RV Camping, (661) 822-3228, 22902 Banducci Rd, Tehachapi CA 93561 (11 Miles from camp)
Southridge USA Family
newsletter-top.gif Newsletter
    Due to Unfortunate things with the NEW PROPERTY OWNERS at Southridge Race Venue we will NOT be hosting CROSS COUNTRY the rest of THIS season.
We will still recognize your group at the SRC Ceremony in December.
We are hoping that the new property owners will allow us to start Cross Country back up during the Winter Series, please stay tuned for more information.
We are truly sorry for the inconvenience XC Riders. Please be patient with us as we are trying to work with the new owners.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 951-361-0149 or via email at
Schedule will be posted soon with the time of the events.