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2019 Golden State Trifecta Series Overall Enduro

 2019 Golden State Trifecta Series       
Pro Men
1stSteven Cisar95100195
2ndBlake Mastrangelo100100
3rdTevin Campbell9595
4thZane Flecther9090
Pro Women
1stJackie Swider100100
Ex. Men 34 & Under
1stPolo Padilla9595190
2ndJeffrey Bauer9085175
3rdJacob Gomez100100
4thTrevor Mejia100100
5thThomas Webb9090
6thCameron Shirley8080
Ex. Men 35+
1stDavid Andreiko100100
2ndChris Boffa100100
3rdCody Fletcher9595
Jr. Ex. 18 & Under
1stMichael Rosson100100
Spt. Men 34 & Under
1stAaron Miranda90100190
2ndZack Knierim8090170
3rdRex Hem100100
4thBrendon Wiseman9595
5thLucas Ault9595
6thBrett Babb8585
7thJeremy Ray8585
8thChris Keller8080
9thHaitham Bell8080
10thCaden Bencz7575
11thClayton Stitch7070
12thTyler Jobe6565
13thAustin Johnson6060
Spt. Men 35+
1stBrian Bencz100100200
2ndSteve Story9595
3rdBarry Hirst9595
4thJeremy Ault9090
Beg. Men
1stTerry Villegas8095175
2ndDylan Kiefer100100
3rdChris Hentz100100
4thJose Sanchez9595
5thAdrian Flores9090
6thBenjamin Arellano8585
Beg Men 15-18
1stReece Fernbach10095195
2ndWill Tennant9090180
3rdEnrique De La Vega100100
4thPorter Comstock9595
Beg Men 14 and Under
1stJeffery Ross100100
2ndChris Klentzin9595
3rdZev Miller9090
4thAaron Golts8585
Expert Men 50+
1stDennis Romero90100190
2ndJoe Simpson100100
3rdJason Simpson9595

We Race Rain or Shine !!!

2019 SRC Invitation

We are happy to announce the return of XC for Winter Series

2020 Race Schedule

Southridge USA Family
newsletter-top.gif Newsletter
    Due to Unfortunate things with the NEW PROPERTY OWNERS at Southridge Race Venue we will NOT be hosting CROSS COUNTRY the rest of THIS season.
We will still recognize your group at the SRC Ceremony in December.
We are hoping that the new property owners will allow us to start Cross Country back up during the Winter Series, please stay tuned for more information.
We are truly sorry for the inconvenience XC Riders. Please be patient with us as we are trying to work with the new owners.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 951-361-0149 or via email at
Schedule will be posted soon with the time of the events.