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2019 Enduro Overalls

2019 SRC Overall Points            
Enduro/Super D
Pro Men
1stTevin Campbell9585909510095560
2ndOwen Davis9065759080400
3rdBrian Morgan7070
Expert Men 34 -
1stThomas Webb9595951009590190760
2ndTrevor Mejia901007590100455
3rdPolo Padilla7590859595440
4thJeffrey Bauer8085909085430
5thJacob Gomez10095100100395
6thGrant Morton90857575325
7thArturo Burns160160
8thGarret Shiels7080150
Expert Men 35 +
1stDavid Andreiko959595100385
2ndDanny Pettingill100100100300
3rdSean Gates958580260
4thNir Tal908565240
5thSpencer Burns90100190
Sport Men 34 & Under
1stHaithem Belll9080757075200590
2ndLucas Ault7085858510095520
3rdMichael Rosson100100100100400
4thMatthew Sloane90909075345
5thEnrique DeLaVega170170
6thCarter Baker9565160
7thGage LeGro8080
8thScott Medinger6060
9thSteven Davis5555
10thLiam Arenas-Field4040
11thRyan Madden2525
Sport Men 35+
1stSean Storment9595909595470
2ndRick Orona100809090360
3rdMatt Marshall8585170
4thThai Nguyen8080
Open Women
1stDanielle Romero10095100295
Beg Men
1stBenjamin Arellano8565757085190570
2ndTerry Villegas75608095180490
3rdRobert Murray80706580295
4thChris Hentz9090100280
5thChad Ormon809585260
6thDylan Kiefer8075100255
7thGarrett Keyes100100
8thMatthew Marshall100100
9thGarrett Butcher9595
10thJason Jereb9595
11thTaylor Kell9090
12thSteve Calta8585
13thCameron Young7575
Beg Men 15-18
1stReece Fernbach809010010010095565
2ndWill Tennant7070859090405
3rdBrian Ross190190
4thMarco Vega10090190
5thEnrique DeLaVega80100180
6thJustin Burner9075165
7thLiam Arenas-Fields100100
8thLogan Blanchard9090
Beg Men 14 -
1stLogan Blanchard9595100290
2ndJeffrey Ross100170270
3rdDiego Muniz130130
4thMason Salazar100100
Beg Men 50+
1stDennis Romero10090959590100200770
2ndJason Simpson10010095295
3rdBrad Hazen100100

We Race Rain or Shine !!!

2019 SRC Invitation

We are happy to announce the return of XC for Winter Series

2020 Race Schedule

Southridge USA Family
newsletter-top.gif Newsletter
    Due to Unfortunate things with the NEW PROPERTY OWNERS at Southridge Race Venue we will NOT be hosting CROSS COUNTRY the rest of THIS season.
We will still recognize your group at the SRC Ceremony in December.
We are hoping that the new property owners will allow us to start Cross Country back up during the Winter Series, please stay tuned for more information.
We are truly sorry for the inconvenience XC Riders. Please be patient with us as we are trying to work with the new owners.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 951-361-0149 or via email at
Schedule will be posted soon with the time of the events.